Hi everyone:

We had a lot of rain the other day. It was raining little, then a lot and then it poured down really hard, then it quit and rained again later. I wish it was snow cause I want to see them white flakes flying around, I sit in the window and 'chase' them.

the new landlord came over on FRI and installed our new window. Mom said it is about time, she only had to wait a year to get it, but now it is nice and warm in here and we don;'t shiver anymore.

I was helping mom color today. I knocked the box of color pencils on the floor and climbed in the box and took a nap. Then I woke up and sat on her page she was coloring, she loves my help. I like to paw at her page and try to use the pencil too. I rub my face all over it.

Mom said she was gonna decorate our place next week. I get to help. I like to chase the garland and lights. Benny bites the garland and drags it around. Decorating is fun with cats, don't you think? we are excellent helpers.

Have a pawsome evening!

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