Good evening X

Well, according to the weather people we might be getting some weird weather tonight. As the temps rise we will see freezing rain and wind, then as temps drop the freezing rain will turn to snow, Icy roads could make driving hazardous for small cars. We got a little bit of snow last night, but nothing to brag about, just about 1/2".X

Well, mom has to call the Michigan Anti Cruelty about Manny. they called her FRI when she was out and left her a VM, so she will need a confirmation # to pick the cat up at Petco. His name is Manny, but mom is changing it to "FIGARO". She will have to find a ride to the store though.X

Mom was up all night with a terrible tummy ache and she found out why. She had the runnies around 6am and they lasted for about 4 hours on and off, mom finally had to take some Imodium AD to stop it. Her tummy is still hurting today. She kept me up all night too, I was laying in bed with her and she kept getting up and I had to keep moving, so I finally decided to get up and sleep in my own bed.X X

Hope you all have a pawsome evening!

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