I have already bonded with my baby brother, Figs. Mom posted a picture of us sleeping together on the couch. He follows me all over the place. he is such a character.

Mom bought us some of those kitty kick stix. Wow are they ever fun to play with. She needs to buy 2 more though so we all have 1, her package that came only had 3 in it. I bet she forgot she was supposed to get 5.X

it is cold and windy today. Yesterday was 64* and rainy, but today it is only 41* and windy and rainy, too. Going down to 29* tonight. I will be glad when it gets warm to stay warm. It was so windy last night we thought all the power was gonna go out, but it didn't.

Dinner time around here is funny. Mom gives us 4 bowls of food {different for each cat} Figs gets kitten food. We all have to go from bowl to bowl to sample the other bowls and we eat a few bites from all of them. Nothing like a variety!X

Have a nice night!X


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