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I was female Mixed Breed, my owner was 
and I am from Croatia, Zagreb I’m called by LooLa, Loony, Looney Tunes. I joined United Cats on December 1, 2010.

My birthday is September 1, 2010.

A little bit about me

About me

I found Luna on November 12th, on a cold and early morning, after a whole night of freezing rain. She was hiding under a car and smelled like engine oil... very dirty and extremely thin. She was only about 5 weeks old. I fostered her for a week, then she went to her new home... but it didn't work out with her adoptive family so now she's back and living with me permanently.

Luna Moonshine Henceforth


White with grey and silver highlights - named after "the moon"

What makes me special

Turkish Angora Mix

in album