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Mainefield's I am Prince

I am 8 years, 28 days old Male Maine Coon, my owner is 
and I am from Italy, Liguria (IM) I’m called by Prinçou, Predator, Dark Vador. I joined United Cats on November 17, 2013.

My birthday is March 24, 2011.

Visiting time: more than 3 months ago

I was Cat of the Week:
April 21, 2014 -
April 27, 2014

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About me

Then, by where to start ?!? In fact, I knew my new bipeds one year ago of that in Cat Show to Toulon (French Riviera). Of needle and thread, thanks to the Moonette and Didounette’s breeder, I could have an love appointment with Louloute, then two, then three. I thus passed my honeymoons to Italy and it is there that my new bipeds succumbed to my charm. The things of the life made that my breeder and old biped had to make new choices. She thus amongst other things ceased her cattery and she put in search of me to find a new family. Not being able to begin again to me near it, I thus remained in family of reception near my ladylove lasting several weeks. Then, I left to Paris in a breeder who should have been my new family. Four days after my arrival, they send me again to my home… But a home, I did not have any more. Louloute being in love again, I set out again in Italy and there, I remained long weeks there : let us say, until my official adoption ! Here how I became a micini


Black Smoke

Favourite food

Large fatty croquettes, Delicate and red or white meat

Favourite toy

H'm…. if I dared : Oh P'tit Môme ! Not, seriously, the fishing rod with the forgery bird


Oh P'tit Môme and remain all alone too long. I detest holy grooming but not of chance, I have a hair which felts… grrr easily


To be cuddled, remained in the presence of my new bipeds and my nanny, to be in the garden. I also appreciate the company of Moonette when she doesn't lap me too

What makes me special

I am an affectionate angel with the bipeds and the devil with my congeneric masculines, "rapist" with the female gente…

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