Another Angel Anniversary for Mommy today, March 14. With eight angels now, it seems like there's always an anniversary to remember.

I made my journey to the stars on March 14, 1997. Even though it's been 22 years now, Mommy still feels very sad on this day.

She came home from work and we were on the sofa having a nice evening, when all of a sudden I started acting strange and peed on Mommy. Mommy brought me in the kitchen and I couldn't move my back legs. Mommy was crying and I was meowing.

Before long I closed my eyes, and I was no more. I was only seven years old and there was no warning. I had a stroke. It all happened so fast, and Mommy had no time to prepare, but how does one prepare for loss? No matter if one is old or sick, or if they are young and healthy, there it is still such a deep pain in the heart when they are no more.

But angels are not no more. Maybe on this earth, we no longer live, but we live on in the next world. There is no death, only a changing of worlds. While a ship may leave one shore, it arrives at another shore.

Even though Mommy knows she will see me again, as she will see all her angels, the waiting can be very sad, no matter how many years have gone by.

I light a candle for you today, my sweet Nicky boy. Sending a kiss to Heaven X

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