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Angel Romeo

I was Male Mixed Breed, my owner was  and I am from United States, Westminster I’m called by ROME, PHAROH ROMEO MONROE THE GREAT, THE GRUMPINATOR. I joined United Cats on July 9, 2016.

  Date: 05.12.03 - 25.12.10

My birthday is December 5, 2003.

I was Cat of the Week:
April 15, 2019 -
April 21, 2019

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About me

Quick Bio:-pound cat-cat rescueBirthday:December 5th 2003Coloration:BlackLikes:SLEEPING, SLEEPS 22 HRS A DAYPet-Peeves:SIBLINGS THEY SHOULD BE OUTLAWEDFavorite Toy:HIS WINDOW PERCHFavorite Nap Spot:ON HIS PERCHFavorite Food:HAM,BACON, TREATSSkills:HE SAYS " NOW" AT DINNER TIMEDwells:indoors Arrival Story:ROMEO CAME FROM THE LOCAL HUMANE SOCIETY. I WAS LOOKING FOR A FRIEND FOR ZEEKE AND HIS PROFILE SEEMED TO BE WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. WHEN WE WENT TO SEE HIM WE FOUND OUT HE HAD BEEN AT THE SHELTER FOR 30DAYS, AND HIS PREVIOUS OWNER HAD RETURNED HIM AFTER ONLY 1 WEEK ! I COULD NOT UNDERSTAND HOW SUCH A SWEET KITTY HAD ENDED UP THERE ONCE LET ALONE TWICE. HE WENT HOME WITH US THAT DAY. HE CAME WITH THE MONIKER VIXEN BUT HE WAS NO VIXEN. HE'S SUCH A LOVE BUG SO WE CALLED HIM ROMEO.Bio:ROMEO WAS DECLAWED WHEN WE GOT HIM. HOWEVER, WHOEVER HAD PERFORMED THIS BARBARIC SURGERY BOTCHED IT, AND HIS NAILS STARTED TO REGROW, CAUSING INFECTION AND EXTREME PAIN. THE POOR BABY WAS PUT THROUGH ANOTHER SURGERY TO CORRECT THIS PROBLEM. PLEASE DON'T HAVE THIS DONE TO YOUR CATS ROMEO BEGS YOU!!!!!! i'm aunt brandy's favorite too. I have set the sky in two parts. I pass through. I wander the horizons. I have dusted my feet with earth. I have worn the skin of a black panther and chanted into the ears of children. I eat with my mouth. I chew with my jaw. I am a living god come forth. I am with the earth millions of years. The past has been rolled into a scroll I shall not see again. The eye of the hawk is unblinking. Open. Shut. Perfect



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