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I am 13 years, 25 days old Male Maine Coon, my owner is 
and I am from Italy, Liguria (IM) I’m called by Romi, Miciochat, Pissadou, Romino, Miciomiao, Chaton.... I joined United Cats on February 12, 2008.

My birthday is March 29, 2006.

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About me

Native of the North of Italy, I was a true small greedy cyclone. The last to have left the phratry, I forsook the greyness for the sun of Riviera of the Flowers, at the border of the French Riviera. I very quickly appreciated my new small tribe. Then, I fell seriously sick. But fortunately, I was much more strong than the disease and I defeat it. It is really that I will still need a little time to recover myself but in any case, now, I am again happy. http://romeomainecoon.wifeo.com/index.php


Silver tby btch/white

Favourite food

Almo nature and Royal Canin special Maine Coon

Favourite toy

A sheet of paper puted in ball or my


I detest agitation. I am a zen cat !!!


Like all the Coonnies, I like which one deals with me (cuddly, plays...), that one speaks to me. I also appreciate to be in company of my congeneric but especially of Calypso, my future promised…

What makes me special

I am like a cuddly toy ! I am soft and very flexible. I have practices which could make the maniacs at the edge of the attack of nerves : I palpate water before refreshing me and I eat using my leg before right-hand side (I take care that there is every).

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