• Bird Watchers Association (471)

    For those who enjoy a bit of ornithology.
  • Black is beautiful (181)

    Why so much prejudice against black cats? They are as cute, lovable, affectionate as any other cat, but much more elegant!!! This is for all Black cats (and lovers) out there!
  • Brazilian cats (31)

    Dedicated to all Brazilian cats and owners. [Dedicado a todos os gatinhos brasileiros e seus donos. Foreign cats and cat owners also welcome.
  • Cats in a Box (720)

    We all have cats who think they work for the postal service. They love boxes, sleeping in them, hiding in them or generally ripping them to bits. So this is a place...
  • Multiple Cat Family (1843)

    This is a club for anyone who has more than one cat or is thinking about adding a feline. Discuss how your cats get along, how you introduce a new member to...