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Microchipped Cats are Safer Cats

Have you ever gone through the trauma of having a lost or stolen pet? Getting them microchipped could ensure they are returned to you, or at least help you prove it's your kitty and add some piece of mind.This club is dedicated to our cat, Neptune (pictured), who was stolen from us in 2005 on Halloween, to help spread awareness of pet loss and theft globally, and we're happy that all of our cats are now microchipped and indoors-only. It's a sad world we live in, but microchips are there to help.In the world of extremes, although technology has advanced perhaps too far in many aspects, it has gone to great depths to help us be reunited with our pets. They say that you have a far greater chance of getting your pet back if he/she has multiple forms of identification. Tags and collars are great, but can easily come off on accident or be taken off deliberately if someone wants to steal your pet. Microchips and tattoos are the only permanent forms of identification, and tattoos can be covered up and most vets/shelters don't look for them, but many do scan for microchips now. And even if a pet gets taken out of the town, state, or even country it lives in, it can be traced home with it's microchip. One lady was reunited with her long-last cat after 16 YEARS because of it's microchip. They are life-savers for people missing their pets. **The most preventative step to making sure your pet doesn't get lost or stolen is to keep them inside.

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