Clubs are fun and entertaining communities on Unitedcats that allow cat-owners with similar interests get together.


  • Razgovarajmo (10)

    Pozdrav prijatelji. Ovo je klub gdje možemo razgovarati o svemuo čemu želimo, da li o mačkama, ili bilo čemu drugom. Jedino je pravilo da se ne upućuje ništa uvredljivo drugima. ,...
  • Images for UC and UD (4)

    This is a club to post all my images to use on the site for the forum, clubs, and gifts .
  • Jee Jee's Book Club (74)

    This club is to bring to your attention books (works of literature ) that has cats and some other friends from the animal kingdom that has touched our hearts.
  • Test Club (1)

    This is a club only for testing club features. No members will be accepted.
  • Cats from Romania (59)

    Cats and users living in Romania or feeling Romanians
  • Purrrrfect Purrrrrsonalities (52)

    We all know that all cats have mostly the same behavior , but each and everyone of them has their own distinct purrrsonality, in this club , members will share the distinct...
  • Cats for the Ethical Treatment of our Humans (71)

    This club is for fun and humor it is for all things we find funny about our cats and us as their slaves. If you have a funny time with your cat...
  • Hopelessly Romantic Cats on UC (121)

    My name is Betsey and I am a hopeless romantic and I wanted so much to create a place where all the hopelessly romantic cats or romantically hopeful cats on United Cats...
  • Brazilian cats (31)

    Dedicated to all Brazilian cats and owners. [Dedicado a todos os gatinhos brasileiros e seus donos. Foreign cats and cat owners also welcome.
  • Writers Room for Clawless - Top Secret (38)

    This is a club for the cast and writers of Clawless the soap opurra for cats, to meet and discuss top secret plot lines and thrash out the scripts and characters.
  • Cats who are KING (78)

    A club for every kitty who knows that he or she is royalty. Wether your a King, Queen, Prince, Princess or even Pharoah or Sultun, feel free to discuss your latest royal...
  • Bulgarian Cat Club (89)

    The Bulgarian Cat Club says welcome to all Bulgarian cats and their owners! Foreign cats and owners: feel free to join us if you have Bulgarian friends or if you want to make...