Clubs are fun and entertaining communities on Unitedcats that allow cat-owners with similar interests get together.


  • Purrtraits by Ameliyah (160)

    Welcome to "Purrtraits by Ameliyah" Anybody can request a painting of their cat. Right now I am ONLY doing UC cats, but purrhaps I will expand someday Post a...
  • Cat Memorial Art Club (66)

    Come here to get your custom memorial pictures made. You will find example pictures in the Display Thread. There is also a thread where you can see some frames that...
  • Puss in socks (266)

    For all those cats who seems to wear socks because the tips of their paws are white or anyway are of a different color from the rest of their body!
  • CSC : Cats in Sinks Club (251)

    What best place to meditate, to get cooler, to do up one’s face, to sleep… what else ? Welcome all the cats who adore to settle in these basketfuls out of the commun...
  • Odd-Eyed Kitties (25)

    A club for all the special kitties who have TWO DIFFERENT COLOURED EYES
  • Tortie Cat Club (391)

    This is a club for all the beautiful tortie (especially the naughty ones) and calico cats and all the people who love them.
  • Pink Noses! (466)

    To all the cats that have a sweet, cute and lovely pink nose :D