Clubs are fun and entertaining communities on Unitedcats that allow cat-owners with similar interests get together.


  • Ragdoll and Sacred of birmania lovers (6)

    X This club has as purpose of joining all breeders, owners or simple admirers of Ragdolls and Sacred of Birmania breeds of cats for to be able us to compare...
  • Papigice (6)

    U ovom klubu možete napraviti profil za svoju papigu, dodavati njezine fotke i sl. isto tako možemo raspravljati o brizi i iskustvima s našim papigama, ponašanje vaših ptica... dijeliti savjete...
  • Amber eyed beauties. (24)

    ***Amber. "Warm golden, honey yellow colour, a semi-precious gem".*** That is what we -amber eyed cats (not your "average" yellow or green) - are, my friends. Orange rules! True jewels we have, true jewels we...
  • Big Paws (34)

    There is a lot of cats have have BIG PAWS!! They are made fun of here! I decide to make a club for BIG PAWS!!! My cat has big paws...So I wanted...
  • Stop Cat Abuse (297)

    Help stop cat abuse,report it, do something about this, all kittys need to be cared for
  • Green Eyed Cats (79)

    This club is for green eyed cats! Green eyed cats look so beautiful, and dramatic! Other colors are pretty too, but green eyes just crave attention!
  • Exotic Shorthair (21)

    International club of Exotic Shorthair owners. Any language speakers are welcome! *** Egzotų šeimininkų klubas. Kviečiu jungtis visus, mylinčius savo meškiukus!
  • Blue Eyed Beauty (140)

    This club is for blue eyed cats! We love all cats, but for some reason....the blue eyed beauty get our attention! Well who doesn´t like blue eyed cats! Trust me...
  • Max-Arthur FANS (25)

    Everyone who loves Max-Arthur. Max is very special snowshoe cat. He loves everyone - dogs, cats, birds, baby chickens. He is Estonian & American just like his mommy.
  • CRO U.C. CATS (worldwide) (154)

    This is FUNCLUB for all Croatian cats, their owners and everybody who have any sympaty for Croatia or Croatian cats all over the world. Enybody who want to share anything about cats...
  • We love our cats (1128)

    Custom Glitter TextHello and welcome to Huey (Manx) and Tiger (Australian Bombay) we love our cats club. We encourage you to join and show the world how much we all love our cats...
  • Tabby Love (461)

    Own a cute tabby and want to show us their stripes!? Here is where you want to be