Clubs are fun and entertaining communities on Unitedcats that allow cat-owners with similar interests get together.


  • Magnificent Maine Coons (199)

    Come celebrate magnificent Maine Coons here. If you have a Maine Coon, want one, or just admire them - make yourself at home here.
  • Wild Look Cats Club (91)

    Lynx, panther and leopard of living-room (the list is not exhaustive) be welcome. You are in harmony with nature, you have all the beauty of a wild beast ? Share with us...
  • Norwegian Forest Cats (120)

    For all registered Norwegian forest cats and their human and feline friends
  • Korats at UnitedCats (11)

    Korats around the world unite! Cats and people interested in Korats are also welcome
  • Ragdolls (50)

    This club is for all the beautiful Radgolls and their owners/fans!
  • Beautiful Birmans (149)

    This club is for all beautiful Birmans on UC. But also for Birman-loving people of course! Video about Birmans:
  • Burmese Buddies (40)

    For all Burmese cats & kittens worldwide