Clubs are fun and entertaining communities on Unitedcats that allow cat-owners with similar interests get together.


  • Catathletico (102)

    For all sportive cats,also lazy cats concious for figure!If you like or dream about running, climbing every possible place,catarate,wallkick-boxing,pawsball,kittyjumping or any sport you can imagine,join here!
  • Cats with Parvo Society (18)

    For Cats who suffer with Cat Parvo, I My cat Smokey and My Cat Minne from the diease

  • Feline Knowledge (302)

    This is where CATS can share everything THEY know. From what is under the couch, to everything they have learnt about humans, and how to train them. Humans are not welcome here...
  • The DATING CLUB (130)

    Love is in the air and cats are pairing up. But, do you know of a place where you can have that first date? No! As one has not been created until...
  • Cats Caring for Handicapped Humans (40)

    This is a support group for cats who live with, and take care of, their handicapped humans, whether physical or psychological. It´s a place to compare notes, give and get suggestions, and...
  • The Till Death Do U Part Vegas-Style Quickie Divorce Chapel (39)

    Presided over by the Honorable Rev. Judge Elvis late great Treat, the Till Death Do U Part Vegas Style Quickie Divorce Chapel will offer an easy solution to the members who make...
  • Cats with handicaps (156)

    For cats with handicaps of any kind.
  • Multiple Cat Family (1843)

    This is a club for anyone who has more than one cat or is thinking about adding a feline. Discuss how your cats get along, how you introduce a new member to...
  • Traveling Cats (125)

    Cats who travel alot, whether to shows or because they live with a person whose job requires frequent moving, such as a traveling Nurse!
  • Oriental Shorthair Cats (48)

    This club is for Oriental Short hair cats but anyone can join and have fun so come join us we party and play and we have catnip. And if you have cute...
  • Cathropologists (239)

    Do you like searching for pottery sherds in your cat box late at night? Does finding traces of the ancient cat civilizations where cats ruled interest you? Do you know...