Clubs are fun and entertaining communities on Unitedcats that allow cat-owners with similar interests get together.


  • Photoshop (3)

    This is a place where I will be editing photos of your cats on your request! Check the clubs forum to request your photo and see some examples!
  • Black Cats Club (69)

    X This is the Black Cats Club and all black cats can join. Also their family! X .
  • Cats can make us laugh

    We are here to share stories of funny events happened with a cat...You can post pictures,videos,written stories and share with us so we can laugh too...Cats have the power to...
  • The UnitedCats Chit Chat Club (21)

    This is a club where you can tell about yourself, where you are from, your family, what is going in your life. It is a club to let us get...
  • Weekly Photo Contest (22)

    A place where we have photo contests every week! X All beautiful photos in one place X
  • Ragdoll and Sacred of birmania lovers (6)

    X This club has as purpose of joining all breeders, owners or simple admirers of Ragdolls and Sacred of Birmania breeds of cats for to be able us to compare...
  • Jee Jee's Book Club (74)

    This club is to bring to your attention books (works of literature ) that has cats and some other friends from the animal kingdom that has touched our hearts.
  • Microchipped Cats are Safer Cats (15)

    Have you ever gone through the trauma of having a lost or stolen pet? Getting them microchipped could ensure they are returned to you, or at least help you prove...
  • Test Club (1)

    This is a club only for testing club features. No members will be accepted.