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Forum New User Profiles (9)

New User Profiles (9)

Quote | 4 months ago

This is to inform you that if you welcome Recently Joined Users, if the profile says they are from Portugal and they give a link advertising something, DO NOT click the link. This could be harmful to your computer. Or any other advertisers, for that matter.

The moderators on the site, when we see these profiles, we deactivate them. The site is trying to solve this issue of these unwanted false profiles.

New Users - http://unitedcats.com/en/find/user/new

Any questions, and I will try to answer.

Quote | 4 months ago

yes we see it many profiles from portugal !

Quote | 4 months ago

They are not actually from Portugal, but other countries. It all may be one person that is very smart with computers. We don't know.

Why they use Portugal, I don't know.

Quote | 3 months ago

Another member with suspect perfil: https://unitedcats.com/en/user/Vajnarse2

Quote | 3 months ago

They have already been deleted.

Sometimes a new user profile will be questionable, so I will wait a day or two to see what they do, and then delete them possibly. We don't want to act in haste and delete someone that is here for the right reasons. But sadly, we aren't getting any new users that are staying. You are the last new user Beth Ju that has stayed and that has been some time now X

Quote | 3 months ago

I wish more people would join the UDC and interact. This community is very good.

Quote | 3 months ago

I do too. It may have things that don't work, but it can still be fun. So we may have Christmas gifts at Easter, or pictures disappear, but we can just make the best of it.

People can post in the forum, join clubs, send gifts. It is up to the people of the site to make it work.

I'm glad you joined Beth Ju. I wish we could get more people like you.

Quote | 3 months ago

Thank you very much Blanche. The UDC site is a place where animals have a voice. It's lovely to relate to other pets of another countries. And especially a place where we can remember our loved ones who have already crossed the bridge of the rainbow. X

Quote | 3 months ago

I wish the site would show the Birthdays and Angels days of our angels, as I think this is an important part of being here. I feel bad when I miss days, but there is just no way to get nearly everyone. The only way we know is if someone writes a blog or has pictures.

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