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Forum Pops the Cat (5)

Pops the Cat (5)

Quote | 3 years ago

Hopefully this old dear will find her forever home - she certainly deserves to!X Pretty Pops

Quote | 3 years ago

So sad X

Quote | 3 years ago

My dear Jee Jee also have some white film on her eyes ,I guess it is because she is an older cat ...this is so sad ...

Quote | 3 years ago

I can't see what's "terrifying" about her eyes - to me it makes her more precious!X

Quote | 3 years ago

If I could take Pops, I would. She may be old and almost blind, but she still has a heart and so much love to give. To all the older cats in the shelters trying to find families, bless their sweet hearts. I think her eyes are very beautiful. Here is a big hug for you Pops

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