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Forum A story of Hope and a thankyou to the rescuers out there. (4)

A story of Hope and a thankyou to the rescuers out there. (4)

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I wanted to share a story of hope. I know these two cat (and dog) ladies. a few years ago one of them was called by authorities to this cattery. There were several starving Sphynx. I posted this to them 18 days after the took the kittens in. The condition of the babies is amazzzing. In the end I think one of them kept them. After the obvious love they showered them with it would be hard to let them go.For people that do cat rescue a success story like this is awesome and offers so much hope.

I dedicate my poem to you as well.


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Always nice to see a story with a happy ending. Bless their hearts. How can anyone that is suppose to love cats, do this to them?

And what wonderful women to rescue them and give them a chance. X X

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We hear about puppy mills all the time, but far less about the treatment of cats at kitten mills. I hope these little beauties recover and suffer no long term psychological consequences of their cruel treatment.

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I cannot understand how people can be so cruel to animals. So glad for those two ladies. I hope that the kitties have a loving place now.

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