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Forum Another Story........... Venus's Party in The Feline Times (7)

Another Story........... Venus's Party in The Feline Times (7)

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This is from 2011 and fictional. Shiva's shoplifting story was 100% true...LOL …

You have to understand Venus was not overly fond of Zander. He picked on her constantly. Now they are “basically” friends. The story centers around Zander spending the night at the vet getting neutered. Venus had no idea what neutering was. …He got in the car and didn’t come back! PARTY TIME!!! Oh “The Anti Sphynx” was Venus’s nickname for Zander.

Well Venus's wild "Zanders Getting Neutered" party made "The Feline Times"...here's part of the article. Where were your cats last night? ...from today's "Feline Times"

... Aberdeen Cat Party

Early Monday night Aberdeen police were called out to a local home after human neighbors complained about excess noise, multiple felines blocking streets and cats harassing local dogs. Upon arrival the officers found at least 150 intoxicated cats. Aberdeen police stated the dwelling smelled heavily of catnip and fresh fish. One officer suffered minor injuries after one very large cat fell on him from a hanging lamp. The human of the home arrived while the officers were unsuccessfully attempting to gather the cats. She said she had gone to KFC to get chicken for one of the cats, Mr. Neon Shadow Cat. Shadow Cat, a chocolate Sphynx offered no comment, aside from asking his human if she remembered his "Banana Little Debbie Cakes" from Walmart. His sister, Venus Bela Star stated Shadow Cat is innocent and refereed police and animal control to a kitten (name withheld due to age) who couldn't be located at the time. She also asked about the chicken. According to the owner the accused kitten is at the vet getting neutered. Rumors of an "Anti-Sphynx" were abundant. One Himalayan (name withheld, but she lives in the lower part of the dwelling) commented, that "it's those weird #$% Sphynx again...I tell you if they had a hair on their heads they'd be dangerous!" Bela Star was nearly arrested for indecent exposure/noise later that night after being being found by police in a Cat-Nip induced haze dancing in the street singing, "Zander is getting neutered". She was returned home with a warning.


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Love my Debbie Cakes too Shadow Cat.

Sounds like quite the bash. Poor Zander. What a night! X

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That made me laugh!! Great story....I can just picture it. X

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Love this , great adventures ,would like to hear some more of these escapades X

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Great story, Luna, and great party!X Poor Zander, recuperating in a cage at the vet's office. No nip, no dancing, no KFC, no banana cake and unbeknownst to him,no girl cats - quoth Venus: "nevermore!"X X

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Glad you like my stories. I'm cleaning up my computer and posted a few more.

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They are all wonderful. So creative! X X

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