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Forum Questions about the New Imikimi (93)

Questions about the New Imikimi (93)

Quote | 1 year ago

The old Imikimi has changed to ZO, and so many of us don't know how it works.

So maybe we can help one another figure it out.

I can access it and make my pictures, but I can't copy and paste onto our site.

When I download the picture onto my computer, and try to download it onto the site, it doesn't work. It goes into my computer as a png file, but the site only takes jpeg files.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Quote | 1 year ago

I can't even figure out how to download it as a picture.

Quote | 1 year ago

In the past I've had problems loading photos here and other sites. Have you tried to attach your picture in an email to yourself, then download the photo from your email. This is worked for me in the past.

Quote | 1 year ago

I too am having problems, wrote to Imikimi and they got right back too me, I followed his advice, but still couldn't get my picture to show up here.

In the meantime I am downloading picture to my phone. I email the finished picture to myself, download to my lap top, then put it here it works.

So go to the new site try it if you too have issues like we are contact them with your feed back and suggestions.

Quote | 1 year ago
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When I send the link to my mail, all I get is the picture on the Zo Imikimi with the black margins.

All my pictures were transferred from the Imikimi to the Zo, but I can't find them as they are in categories. It is so confusing.

I too, have corresponded with them and they say they are still working out problems.

I can save the pictures, and even copy and paste onto the site, but they are the picture you see when making it, with the black margins.

Meanwhile, I am trying to use the PIXIZ and GLOGGIF, but with their pictures I need to download to my computer, then download to our site, and then wait an hour, or they disappear.

I just have my PC.

Here is a list of other photos sites - http://ladygistra.blogspot.hr/

Quote | 1 year ago

there is another site called Imagechef, it's easy to use but the frames are limited. I use it on occasion.

Quote | 1 year ago

I tried the Imagechef -http://www.imagechef.com/

Not bad. Thank you LV

So at least we can still make pictures, they just won't be as fancy.

Quote | 1 year ago

I've made a picture of a new one, there is something better, an unlimited picture can be added to that first base, that's good. Writing text on a picture is not good. There are a large number of letters, but it is impossible to choose color and fonts. You can choose a color or a fund.

When a finished image can not be saved on a computer, an error occurs on the server. So now I've made pictures that I've sent to facebook and can not save them.









here is some adressas of sites for make pictures

Quote | 1 year ago

Thank you Dido for sharing, I am going to bookmark them and try them out. Good to have other places to go to.

Quote | 1 year ago

Okay, now I figured out how to get the picture to my computer and in full size, but it is saved as a jpeg file, and on this site, jpeg files don't download.

I know there are ways to convert files, but I have no idea how to do that.

Quote | 1 year ago

grrrr, I managed to save the picture on my computer, and when they want to put it in the album, I see it, and can not put it on it. I'm angry now. I know how much this site only receives jpg files, does not receive gif and animated, so i do not understand why not allow this.

The picture has to be transferred to another page and only then it is received here.

Quote | 1 year ago

Do you know how to do that Didi? I googled how to make a file another type of file, but just can't understand it.

I see the pictures in my computer, just cant put them here. I tried mailing them to myself and download from my mail, but still it doesn't work.

Quote | 1 year ago

Ok I figured it out, ask googled how to convert png to jpeg.

For those of you that have PAINT or PAINT 3D

1. open paint. Paint comes pre-installed on your PC

2. open your image in paint. Make sure the image is on your computer

3. Click "FILE" the click the arrow next to "SAVE AS. a list of images types, including JPEG, will appear.

4. Click "JPEG"

5. Rename the file if you wish, then click "same"

or you can also do the google search to find out h ow to convert, there are other ways, this one worked for me with Xena's St. Patrick's day photo, its her profile picture you can take a look.

Hope this works for others and it continues to work for me, this is the first one I have done.

We have to convert the images from Iminkimi Zo

Quote | 1 year ago

Woo hoo, it works Peggy.

It's going to take some practicing remembering the steps.

I knew it had to do something with the Paint in converting the files, but didn't know how it worked. Now, I hope I can remember what I just did, ha.

I think after doing it for a while, it will become easier, but still not as easy as the original Imikimi.

Thank you so much for your help. Now I feel better about it all.

Quote | 1 year ago

I found out too, on the Zo, if you put your photos in a private chapter, you can't save on your computer, or so it looks like that for me.

When I try retrieving a picture from a private chapter, I can't save it to my computer. So I guess we have to have all chapters be open to the public.

Quote | 1 year ago

That's what I just learned, I did some so now I have to change the private. So happy we did this forum. Hope others can figure it out, it will take practice.

Quote | 1 year ago

It does not work for me, it saves me to save the image of jpeg, and when I open the png or all files, i have no jpeg in the menu.

Quote | 1 year ago

Didi, you have to select "other", not "jpeg"

Quote | 1 year ago

I have no idea what it isPaint 3D?.I have not this , i have not screen scort .... I use google crome. When i want to save the picture I can only go to download. If I click on the mouse to save it as an image, save it as a png and see the black box and to the right where it is written. So do not save the picture, it's just an action.

Quote | 1 year ago
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I think the Paint is is all computers Didi. Check your computer control panel. I use Chrome too, I didn't install it, it was just on my computer. It doesn't matter if it's the Paint or Paint 3D

On the Zo Imikimi, I was getting the black too. To save a picture and it be good, your categories,or whatever they are called on the Zo have to be public and not private.

You have to be logged in

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