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Advertisement Pop-ups on Site (24)

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This was a problem a few years ago but it was very short and the problem was solved. But then we had Sergei who was a programmer, I do not know if he still works. I've seen that in the Spanish forum they are talking about the problem.

Blanche, maybe you should inform the users from Estonia, but I think you've done it already. The place is very confusing, and most users do not know so much about the variety of free programs or those for pay or even viruses.

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Beth Ju, I found when I didn't have the AdBlock, when I came on the site for the first time, there would be no advertisements for about 15 minutes, so I thought, yippie, all fixed, but then they would appear again.

Didi, I will try to write in the Estonian forum, but I can only do so much.

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Is this site hosted on google servers? If so we are stuck with the adverts....

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