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Forum Where is my badges? (11)

Where is my badges? (11)

Quote | 13 days ago

Hello friends, I'm a bit frustrated. In a few days I noticed that my badges were gone. There were many and today there are only two... X X

Quote | 13 days ago

Beth Ju, badges only last two weeks, and then they disappear and you have to earn them again. It just so happens that all your badges probably expired at the same time.

Now you have to earn them again and make more points X

Quote | 13 days ago

Yes! Oh my God! So let´s work! X

Quote | 13 days ago

best writer and knowledge master was for one mounth and others only two weeks X

Quote | 13 days ago

Thanks Ddi. I didn't know that X

Quote | 11 days ago

Fantastic! Now I have 8 badges X

Quote | 9 days ago

if, it is of some help you can check in this link a summary of how to obtain and how long each badge lasts


Quote | 6 days ago

Now I have 9 badges. I´m happy X

Quote | 6 days ago

Good job Beth Ju. And of course when you earn a badge you get points. Each badge has a different reward point value.

I think the Party Cat and Party Dog badge gives the most points, 150 points, woo hoo!. X

Quote | 6 days ago

And now i have 10 badges!! Woooo!! X X X X

Quote | 5 days ago

Good job Beth Ju. You can see at the top of the screen under you name how many points you have now .X

Also, you probably know this, but on your profile page where it shows your badges, the numbers on the badges are how many times you have earned that badge.

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