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Forum Unwanted Users (2)

Unwanted Users (2)

Quote | 3 months ago

Hello everyone,

Some of you might have gotten a friend request from Magento Experts from the USA.

This advertiser has been deleted.

When you get a friend request, you can always decline.

Unfortunately we get unwanted users on the site, so if you ever get mail from them or friend requests, you can be assured they will be deleted by one of the moderators on the site.

As with any site, advertisers are a problem.


And a reminder to all, as you know, we get many new users claiming to be from Portugal. This is computer generated, and so we get them every day, most likely all are from one person. Never click the links on the profile One of the moderators will delete them.

Thank you, and continue to have fun! X

Quote | 3 months ago

Yes I have already noticed these new users from Portugal. They are all spammers. Pathetic.

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