Yes, the cosmos affects your kitties' personalities and moods just as much as it affects ours. Look to your cat's horoscope sign for clues to why your little beastie might be a lover ... or a biter.
Taurus Taurus Cat – The Fat Cat (April 21 - May 20) This kitty sure can haz cheeseburger! Pleasure loving Taurus cats are all about being indulged. They'll eat every bit of kibble you put out - the stinky, wet kind is best - and then they'll beg for your human scraps, too. When and if your Taurus kitty is full, they'll plop their chubby little bodies on your lap for a purring and petting session that won't be over until they meow it's over, which might be never. Rub their full tummies, they'll love it! The only exercise a Taurus cat is interested in is when he/she decides to get up and walk over there.

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