Yes, the cosmos affects your kitties' personalities and moods just as much as it affects ours. Look to your cat's horoscope sign for clues to why your little beastie might be a lover ... or a biter.
Virgo Virgo Cat – The Clean Cat (August 21 - September 20) Cats who are finnicky are most likely Virgos, and you've got your hands full trying to please them. If you don't, they'll wimper and bite and hiss to let you know they're mad. But it's actually not that difficult to make a Virgo kitty happy. Just be sure to buy their favorite food every time, and keep their litter box and dishes clean. They'll reward you by doing the same - they're very tidy eaters and love to keep themselves clean - so if you like a tidy home then Virgo cat's for you!

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