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Miss Cupcake

I have 1 dog and 4 Cats. I come from Croatia  . My birthday is October 30. I'm a woman and I use username MissCupcake. I have been a member since May 24, 2017. Languages I speak:  Deutsch,  English,  Hrvatski. Visiting time: 11 hours ago

 I am United Cats moderator

And to know me a bit more

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Just your average young adult trapped in an endless cycle of existential crises. My favourite pastime is working with dogs and gaming, and my other interests are photography, reading and art.

Photos taken with: Nikon D3200, 50mm 1.8

Here, I'm also a moderator on the Croatian side of UDC so please feel free to message me if you have any questions about the site.


Ovdje sam moderatorica Hrvatskog UDC-a pa me slobodno kontaktirajte u vezi bilo čega i ja ću Vam nastojati pomoći što bolje mogu. Za prvu ruku možete pročitati Što je Uniteddogs? i Pravila ponašanja na forumu. X 

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To be honest, I am somewhat of a no-nonsense kind of user.



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