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I have 8 Cats. I come from United States  . My birthday is October 27, 1977. I'm a woman and I use username spookygamerlady. I have been a member since August 5, 2018. Languages I speak:  English. Visiting time: more than 3 months ago

And to know me a bit more

I've always had a special connection with the cat species. My Mom told me that when I was a baby still in my crib that her cat Smokey woke her and Dad up, ran into my room, sat next to me and meowed. Mom knew something was wrong so they grabbed me and Smokey and vacated the house. Turns out it was a gas leak. The cat saved our lives.

Since then, cats have always been MORE than a pet to me... they are kindred spirits that I connect with on a personal level. I understand cats more than I understand humans. I've always dedicated my time and efforts into helping cats find homes, medical care, and the LOVE they deserve. 


If I had my way, I'd have my own huge ranch filled with cats and make it a KITTY SANCTUARY. A place cats could go and be loved, free, and happy.

Usually I am always with my cats and we are playing on my 3ds (Pokemon rules), xbox one, or on pogo.com (musicalmartha) come join us. Also I have a blog and I am on twitter.


Twitter: SpookyGamerLady

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