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Two Aussie Torties

I have 2 Cats. I come from Australia  . My birthday is March 14. I'm a woman and I use username twoaussietorties. I have been a member since November 26, 2017. Languages I speak:  English. Visiting time: 5 hours ago

And to know me a bit more

Cats = Life

We first found UC in July 2007. We joined under the name Furrypaws, the cats known as The Furry Crew. You will see us littered around the site in posts six-seven years ago. Little orange cat with the name furrypaws under it as the user icon. If you see this little guy it is me, under my original account. 

Sadly some stuff happened and we left the site. During that time all the original Furry Crew, bar Fleabi, crossed rainbow bridge. 

That old account held far too many memories, so we had it deleted (all our old stories in clubs and forums still exist *Yay*) and we have started fresh. Only Fleabi and Poppi are going to have profiles, hence the user name of Two Aussie Torties

So here we are ten years later, an UC “Oldtimer” starting afresh. We look forward to catching up with old friends and meeting a whole bunch of new ones. Drop by, say Hi. And if Poppi pounces on you, give me a yell and I’ll pop her in a time out. She’s in that teen-cat stage. Very naughty. But.... ohhhh so very, very cute! 

X Daff xx

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