Fée Moon de Nikko Coons

Je suis 8 ans, 8 mois, 20 jours old Femme Maine Coon, Mon propriétaire est 
Je viens de Italie, Liguria (IM) Je m’appelle Ma Moon d'Amour, Moonette, Moonina, Mamoon, P'tit biscuit, Ma Quique belle... FifiBrindacier !!!. J’ai rejoins Unitedcats le décembre 4, 2010.

Mon anniversaire est le août 30, 2010.

Temps de visite: Il y a plus de 3 mois

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Congratulations, fabulous Fée Moon, on becoming Cat of the Week! What would you like to say to all your UC friends and what special treats do you hope to receive from your bipeds for achieving this distinction?

Wow ! What a formidable news ! I am very moved and happy !!! Ouf… two small seconds… it takes me time to get accustomed to this new title COTW. I don’t have time to prepare a speech as the Oscar, sorry. The first thing which I want to say to my cat-friends ?!? I thank them because without their friendship, I will not be this. I adore you and a big thank you with all ! And about my bipeds : plays and tender power 2… that they are my slaves !!!

Is there a translation for your pretty name? Did your bipeds give you the name when you joined their Little Tribe or was it given to you in the cattery you came from?

You know, my breeder never gives first name. Consequently, these are the bipeds which choose my first name which has a story. When I was kitten, I had a mask on the face which let think that I had like wings of butterfly. My female biped had then thought of “Papillon”, “Farfallina” or “Butterfly” but my bipeds were not convinced at all. As my breeder called me Princess, my female biped made a bringing together and the first name Fée (for fairy) was selected. But during the period when my bipeds reserved me, the economic situation of my bipeds changed. My bipeds were however to decide to take down the moon if it were necessary so that, like my congeneric, I do not miss anything. For this reason they called me Fée Moon.

Can you tell us a bit about your bipeds' new and exclusive cattery and are you a bilingual meower now that you live on the Italian Riviera? Have you lost the strange accent of your birthplace?

In fact, the cattery is installed gently and surely. Works, planning of the couplings, etc… all that, being field of the bipeds, I cannot say so much about this subject. Allow if I correct you ?!? I am not bilingual but trilingual : French, Italian and…. Marseillaise !!! And yes, I am chauvinistic. For this reason I miaow with a very marked accent : the accent of the South and more specifically, the Marseillaise accent because I was born (you will have guessed it) with ..... MARSEILLE !!! And this accent, I am not ready to lose it because Calypso and my female biped are also South of France. These three different languages give an extremely interesting dialect !

You and Calypso la Canelle are going to be mothers of the kittens who will form the basis of the cattery, Riviera Coon Vale. How long will it be before you have your first romantic encounter with a tom and will he be the handsome Roméo?

To be precise, Romeo is not and will be never my Prince Charming. We bicker too much to be in love and then especially, it is my big brother. My love is Italian and more precisely Venetian. That was not easy to find me this tom-love because I wanted that it is like me, i.e. same color… thing extremely difficult to find because, for the Maine Coon, the red silver shaded is not a frequent color. And then, it was necessary that this marriage is an interesting marriage (there, it is still field of my bipeds). Normally, we should find us the next days (as soon as I am in “mode in love”). First lovers' date : embark on a gondola, visit Venice and sleep to the Hôtel Carlton Grand Canal : isn't romantic ?

Although you were treated like a princess when very young (and probably are still treated that way), you said you didn't have the manners of a princess. Now that you've been in your forever home for more than a year, have you learned some manners or are you still acting like a mischievous kitten?

Like says my female biped, I am a little Doctor Jekill and Mister Hyde, Jack Sparrow or Pippi Longstocking… Is nothing to see with a princess, isn’t it ? But do not believe that I am a little devil without good manner especially… For each situation, I refer a character trait of these characters which arises. Mainly, Doctor Jekill and Mister Hyde is reserved to the veterinary surgeons and to the judges on the cat-shows. I keep also a pirate side (Jack Sparrow) for certain judges whom I find nicer. My side Pippi Longstocking, I keep it for home… However, I can accommodate the visitors with elegance and I show myself very affectionate towards the bipeds that I like. For my breeder, I remain her princess but for my bipeds, I remain a soft fairy, attaching and… mischievous !

You had a favourite toy that you enjoyed "abusing". Do you still have that toy and what else do you like to play with? Do you like to climb cat trees and do you ever get to sit at the top?

It’s true that I have weakness for the small mice in fur which do not know long and peaceful life (peace with their hearts). I also take much pleasure to play with a simple cord which comes from a bag of prêt-à-porter clothes. This also knows the same end as my mice but my female biped takes advantage from this excuse to make shopping : she would especially not like that I would be sad because I do not have any more a cord to play ! Actually, all diverts me : the important thing is that somebody plays with me when it is about toy “without life”. After, the trees cat, I use them more like point of observation or of nap. The important thing is that these trees are large, robust and high. Large, because with three Maine Coons, we need that the tree supports our weight, robust because we maltreat the trunks with our claws and high because we like to dominate. For this reason the trees grow as much in the house as in the garden !

Your home has a beautiful garden. What do you like to do there and do you find little creatures to keep you company? Do you have a favourite place for a nap?

Ah the garden it is a little like an adventure playground and a room of gymnastics in the open air, a hunting ground, a place where we live full adventures and where we can stay in the shade of daisies or olive-tree. As soon as spring is here, I like to live long moments there. My principal occupation, you will have guessed, it is hunt. Unfortunately (for us and not for them), since the micini tribe have many hunters, the birds and the mice do not come any more except the suicidal ones… Then, I catch the lizards, butterflies and even flying insects. Is very dangerous to be a predator, you know ? The proof, last week a wasp or a bee, I do not know any more, pricked me : my chin has triple of volume ! My bipeds had a large fright. At 21:30 time, direct to the veterinary surgeon… And then, even if I live with the sea, I have the feeling to be with the mountain because I climb the mandarin tree or the lemon tree like a true mountain dweller : more I climb, the better it is. As all this physical activity is testing, I appreciate a nap (deserved well) in the corner of the flowers and grasses of the fields. Moreover, I have a partner to be in good company : the large tortoise… which wants to always steal me my place (or it would be the reverse ?!?).

For a cat of your age, you have a very intense expression. Do you ever feel that perhaps you are an old soul in a young body?

I take your first sentence for a compliment and I thank you. Even if I am still young (and yes, a Maine Coon becomes adult only at the 3 years old), I have a strong personality. And believe me, more the days pass, and more my character asserts… I think that this expression is especially due to my color of the eyes and the fur. And then, each cat releases something particular and mysterious. Perhaps but I have something of delicately wild which accentuates this expression. If you look at for example Calypso, you will have the feeling to be front of a true wildcat. For my part, I have a sophisticated side (even if I do not have the manners) that Calypso does not have. I thus believe that this expression will intensify more I will take age. But as regards an old soul : of not even dreamed ! Maine Coon always keeps a kitten spirit. The proof, look at Romeo : he always acts like a kitten and yet, he is an adult, him. And the important one, isn't this to keep a young spirit with some age ?

Fée Moon, thank you so much for answering these questions. To conclude, please give us the five words that best describe you.

It does not belong to you to thank me, but to me ! Thank you for having taken time to interview me : I find it very nice and I take advantage of this moment to thank, again, all my buddies. You are all genial and I wish you full of good things ! Thus to return to your question… five words to describe me best ? Pirate (you will have understood him(it)), determined, sparkling, adorable and affectionate.


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