Je suis 5 ans, 4 mois, 14 jours old Femme Race Mixte, Mon propriétaire est  Je viens de États-Unis, Kingston, WA Je m’appelle "Miss Daisy", "Daisy May". J’ai rejoins Unitedcats le avril 11, 2017.

Mon anniversaire est le janvier 5, 2014.

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Hello, sweet DaisyX First of all we want to welcome you to the UnitedcatsX And then to say that we are extremely happy to welcome you to Lithuania as our Princess of the WeekX X 

Oh, thank you very much.  I am so honored to be queen in your lovely country.  This is my very first time to be royalty, and I am so delighted.  My whiskers are twitching with eager anticipation of my royal week! X 


You are in our community just since last week, but the members of UC have already fallen in love with youX X Your fans in Lithuania voted for you at once when they saw youX Where is the secret of this success, how do you think, Daisy?X 

And I have fallen in love with all my new friends I have met here.  You know, I have had big paws to fill, as Maestro, was so loved by everyone here at UC.  

I think I am just such a happy girl, and when one is so happy, only good things can happen.  And if good things don't happen, Then still try to be happy, and you will make those around you happy as well. X 

We know that Mummy found you in the pet shelter. Did you get your name there? Or maybe your Mum gave it to you?X 

Daisy was the name given to me at the shelter, and Mommy just thought the name was perfect for me.

My full name now is Daisy "White Paws" because I have such big white paws.  I am always kneading with my paws, and stretching my toes.

Image result for dilute tortie cat illustrations

We know that you are a very energetic and curious girl, DaisyX And you are a very talented and creative bloggerX All your stories are so interesting and involvingX Have you explored all the house already?X X 

I have explored all the rooms that I am allowed to go in.  Mommy won't let me go in the room where her big doll collection is, as I for sure, would be into everything.  She learned her lesson with some of her earlier cats, now angels.  There is a big box in the closet full of broken dolls, not to mention another box of broken figurines.

But I have a confession, I have all ready been a naughty girl.  One night,  Mommy heard a crash upstairs, and went to see what had happened.  I had knocked over her big flat screen television, and it was on the floor.  Mommy said "Daisy, what did you do?"  I didn't think I did anything wrong, but I guess it is a no no to knock things over in the house.  I am still learning all the rules here.

But Mommy couldn't stay upset with me.  One look at my puffy cheeks and sweet face, and she was  smiling again.  Being so cute does have its advantages, not to sound too conceited. X 

Are you a spoiled girl, Daisy?X We are sure that your Mummy does everything to make you feeling happy, right?X 

Oh yes, I am very spoiled.  Mommy just loves me so much already, and she is always hugging and petting me.  I get a nice combing everyday, and Mommy is always home, so I get so much attention.

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We know from your blog, Daisy, that you received a mysterious package from the online shop with various good things for youX X Can you disclose the secret, what was in there?X Some delicious food or nice toys for you?

Oh yes, there were actually two boxes.  The first one, not too impressive, just cat litter and those dreaded things, called nail clippers, so not that much interest there.  But in the second package, there was a big bag of cat food, bags of dental chews (some catnip flavored), so I will have clean teeth, a lazer pointer mouse so I can chase the red dot, and a bag of catnip mice.  Mommy just found out about this company, so this was the first time she ever ordered anything.

But the most fun, has been the two boxes that everything came in.  I have been jumping in and out of them.  The smaller box, Mommy cut holes in all the sides, so I can stick my paws in and out of them.  It is so much fun, and it makes Mommy laugh when she watches me playing.


Seems that at night you are the most active, DaisyX X But anyway, you have to sleep for several hoursX Are you allowed to sleep together with Mummy?X 

At night when Mommy and I go to bed, I go to my little cat bed and she sleeps on the sofa, but by the time, morning arrives, I am with Mommy on the sofa, and this makes her very happy.

Mommy likes it when I sleep with her, and somethings I even start kneading, and she really likes that.

We know you only since the 11th of April, Daisy, but it seems for us that we know you for agesX Can you add several things  about yourself, which we still do not know?

My story of how I came to the shelter.  Some nice humans found me homeless and pregnant, starving and along, so they dropped me off at the shelter.

As you can see from my picture, I am now pleasingly plump. X 

Homes were found for all my kittens, but no one wanted me.  Mommy can't figure out why it was so hard to find me a home, as I am just such a sweet girl.

Also, I am a dilute Tortie cat, so I have very beautiful fur.  But my big white paws is what my Mommy just adores.  

I am the very first girl cat my Mommy has had.  All of her previous cats have been boy cats, as she always thought boy cats were just more loving.

But she sees now, that she was wrong, and girl cats can be just as loving. X 

Image result for dilute tortie cat illustrations

Sweet Daisy, we want to say you special thanks for bringing so much life and energy to your Mum's home. We all know how she is sad about sweet Maestro's passing away. We all are sad too. But we feel so grateful that you help your Mummy to cope with the sorrow. And we are happy that you found the best home and the best Mummy you couldX Are you a happy kitty, Daisy?X 

Oh yes, I am so happy.  And to think just a few weeks ago, I was in a cage all by myself, hoping someone would adopt me, seeing people look in my cage but then pass me by.  I was very sad that no one wanted me.

Mommy has been very sad about Maestro leaving.  They were together for over 18 years, and she loved him very much.  But when he went to the Rainbow Bridge, she was so lonely in the house with no cats, that she just couldn't be alone anymore.  In the 27 years she has lived in her house, there have always been cats, and to have no cats at all, was just too hard. X 

And she knew as much as she needed to have someone to love, there was someone out there (me), that needed to be loved.

She still cries everyday for her beloved Maestro, but when she looks at me, she smiles again.  I am not a replacement for Maestro, and never will be.  I am just hear to help Mommy with her sadness, and she returns the same love to me.  We help each other. X 

Thank you so much for your nice interview, our sweet DaisyX have a great week in the throneX X What would you love to wish to all your new friends?X 

Thank you so much to all my wonderful friends!  I am just so happy.  And of course, you will all have to come to my celebrations!

And my advice to all of you is, to always try to be happy, even when things in life in hard.  If you smile, you make others smile, and isn't that what all of us want to do, is just smile?




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CongratulationsX X X X

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Povezana slika

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Congratulations X X X

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X Congratulations DaisyX X

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Povezana slika

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Congratulations dear Daisy! X X X kisses


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Congratulations, beautiful DaisyX X

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Congratulations!!X X X X X X

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Awww Daisy I loved your interview like crazy. I am so glad that Blanche has adopted such a beautiful sweetie like you, and it seems you are not only nice but too cute at her. And it seems you have become very popular in UC, that for sure we will see you as COTW in other languages, just to keep celebrating your life. Now go enjoy your new toys and carton boxes lol

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X Cogratulations Daisy!!X X

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Čestitke i pusa prekrasnice !!!!!


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CongratulationsX X

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Congratulations, beautiful Daisy, our Queen of the WeekX

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