Je suis 11 mois, 19 jours old Māle Domestic Short Hair, Mon propriétaire est  Je viens de États-Unis, Detroit, MI Je m’appelle Figgy or Figs. J’ai rejoins Unitedcats le février 12, 2019.

Mon anniversaire est le juin 1, 2018. Only 12 day away, can’t wait, can't wait, can't wait!

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mai 19, 2019

We have a very young king this week, 11 month old Figaro!  Congratulations dear boy!

Are you happy to be purring on the English throne for your very first time?

How to you hope to celebrate your week of fame and fortune?

Wow.  I have no clue. Maybe I will beg mom for extra treats.X 

You are very new to your nice home.  Can you tell us about your arrival?

I came home in a big car in a small cage. I was put in a room all by myself until the resident cats got used to me. I was out in an hour.  I kept sticking my paw out the gate holes and meowing loudly. The other cats were on the other side of the gate and I wanted to play with them.X 

As mentioned, you are only 11 months old, so you must be a very energetic boy.  What are some of the fun things you like to do in a typical day?

I love sparkle balls. You know them softees that sparkle. I carry them all over the house. I love pouncing on Loki and playing with him. he is my bestest brother ever.X 

You have two new sisters, Kali and Kelsee, and two brothers Benjamin and Loki.  Loki seems to be your best bud as you are both young boys.

Do the two of you like to have all kinds of fun together?

What do you like best about your new best friend?

What we call 'fun' mom calls 'trouble'.  We slide on the throw rugs and get them all wrinkled and folded, we jump on and off the kitty tree, we play chase and we wrestle all the time.

Loki never growls at me like the older sibs do. I go near them to play and ai get pawsmacked or hissed at.  Loki always wants to play with me.X 

There's also George, you lives in the apartment down the hall.  Have you two been able to meet yet?

WE did meet George. We sniffed each other but no growling and I followed him into his own apt, and then wanted to come home.  he is a nice cat.X 

You will be celebrating your first Birthday on June 1.  Will there be a big party?

What gifts would you like to receive?

I am inviting all my friends {from all the cat sites} and my fursibs and mom to my party.  I want treats and sparkle toys and catnip.X X 

We are now in the middle of Spring and warmer days.  What do you like best about Spring?

Do you like to watch the birds and squirrels outside from windows in your home?

Spring????  It has been cold here yet!  lots of rain, too. Today we actually got to 70*, but it was a first in awhile.

Yes, I enjoy watching squirrels and birds. I 'talk' to them. I also see kids going to the bus stop and getting off the bus later in the afternoon.  Lots to see from the windows.X 

What do you think makes you a special boy?

Do you have a funny habit or funny thing you like to do?

I am special cause of all the other cats at the shelter mom could have taken, she took me. I felt very special to be leaving that shelter.

Like I said I love to carry around my sparkly balls. If I lose them I cry to mom and she gets them for me.X 

What do you like best about your new home?

Are you happy you were adopted?

I like it here. I love all my new family cats. I have lots of toys and I get fed and get treats. My nw home is cozy and warm and lots of love.

I am very happy to be adopted. I said goodbye to the shelter on the last day there. All the shelter help gave me one last pet goodbye and told me to enjoy my new home and off I went.X X 

Can you tell us something funny you have done?

I jumped on Big Ben once when he was asleep and I scared the fur off of him. he jumped out of his bed and hissed. When I was plating with my sparkly ball, it landed in his bed ad I had to get it out.X X 

You seem like a very happy boy.  What are some of the things you like most?

is there anything you don't like?

I love sitting in mom's lap, and cuddling up with her at night when Kel isn't on the bed with her. Usually there are at least 3 cats on her bed. I love playing and getting treats.

I don't like some foods.  I will walk away from my bowl if I don't want it and go find something else in another bowl to eat.X 

I don't like getting yelled at either. I jumped on the plant stand and knocked over a plant and mom yelled at me...she yelled "FIGARO, NO, YOU DO NOT DO THAT.  I got scared and ran under her bed.   I do not like the huge blue floor machine either.X 

Having been rescued from a shelter, do you have anything to meow in behalf of shelter cats everywhere?

Why do you think adopting a shelter cat is a good thing?

YES. HANG in there kitties cause one day your human will rescue you.  They will look at all cats and choose you. I got chosen and so will you.

Adopting a shelter cat is good cause after a certain amount of time if you live in a regular shelter and not a "No kill" shelter, they will euthanize cats and dogs and other pets.  SAVE A LIFE...ADOPT A SHELTER PET!!!X X 

What do you hope will happen in your future?

I hope to be in my home still...fat and happy.  well, maybe not to fat. BUT HAPPY and LOVED!!!X 

What five words best describe you?

Adorable, loveable, fun, energetic and amusingX X X 


Thank you for a very nice interview dear boy.  Anything else you would like to meow to all of us?

Let's give a clapping of the paws and a hip hip hurrah for our very special royalty this week....


Thank you so much for this great honor!  I will do my best X 


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