Ja sam 10 godina, 6 mjeseci, 8 dana star/a Mužjak Mješanac, moj vlasnik je  i ja sam iz Izrael . Pridužio/la sam se Unitedcatsu Siječanj 10, 2009.

Moj rođendan je Rujan 14, 2008.

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Congratulations dear Rizhik on becoming our English king this Valentines Day week!

Are you happy to be meowing in the English royal spotlight for your third time?

How do you plan to celebrate your week of royal fame?

Of course I'm very happy! I'm planning to have a party and eat many presents and treats X X X 

As mentioned, Valentines Day is this week.  The day of love and romance. X 

Are you a boy that likes to give love and be loved?

Yes, I'm very loving and affectionate, sometimes people even get tired of too much love from me X X X 

You're 10 years old now.  How are things going for you?  Are you in good health?

I'm more or lss okay in spite of my health problemsX X X 


Since you meowed on the English throne two years ago, has anything new happened in your life?

Bagira appeared and it put an end to our quiet lifeX X X 

You share your home with cat mates Bagira, Maya, and Angelo, and dog mate Freddy.  How do you all get along?

Do you like to nap together on cold Winter days?

I get along well with them all but  I like to nap with Maya and Bagira X X X 

How did you come to live in your nice home?

What do you like best about your family?

I was a stray kitten.Some people fed me but one day they found me covered with blood. They thought that I was hit by a car but it turned out to be a virus. They couldn´t take me and brought me to my present mom. She felt sorry for me and although she had a very sick kitty (Bonny), agreed to take care of me. At first she wanted to find a good home for me but when Bonny died, I stayed I love the loving and relaxing atmosphere  and the freedom that mom gives us X X X 

What are some of the things you like to do in a typical day?

Do you still like to play with toys?

I don't like to play with toys, I like to sleep, eat and play with the other kitties or mom X X X 

Image result for VALENTINE CLIPART

Every cat likes to get into a little mischief from time to time.  Can you tell us something naught you have done?

I broke a TV once X X X 

But we know you are a good boy most of the time.  Can you share with us a nice story about yourself?

I'm very friendly with new kitties and when Maya and Bagira first appeared in our family, I took care of them an protected them X X X 

If granted three special Valentine wishes, what would they be?

To be always with mom, be loved by everybody around me and be healthy X X X 

What would you say is your best characteristic?

Is there anything about yourself you would like to change?

I'm very friendly, loving and affectionate, I don't want to change anything X X X 

Image result for VALENTINE CLIPART

What do you like best about being a cat?  

If you could be another animal for just one day, what would it be, and why?

I like independence. I'd like to be a dog because people like dogs more X X X 

Can you give us five words that best describe you?

Loving, friendly, affectionate, smart and naughty X X X 

Thank you for a very nice interview dear boy. Anything else you would like to say to all your friends?

Let's give a loving hearts welcome to our very special king this week....


['d like to thank all my friends who voted for me and wish them lots of love and happiness X X X 


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Congratulations X X X

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HI hansome boy. Congrats on being English King

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Cestitam!! X

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Congratulations sweet King RizhikX

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Congratulations RizhikX Have a good timeX X X

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Congratulations X

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