I am 10 years, 6 months, 27 days old Masculino Russian Blue, my owner is  and I am from Estados Unidos, Detroit, MI I’m called by Benny, Ben, Big Boy Benny B.. I joined United Cats on Maio 30, 2017.

My birthday is Outubro 25, 2008.

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CONGRATULATIONS dear Benjamin, on your second time to be meowing on the English throne!  

Are you happy to be king once again?

How does your family plan to celebrate your royal week?

Thank you. It is fun. Our family doesn't do much.

In Kitty bed!

You're a ten old Russian Blue cat, and quite the handsome fellow.  Can you tell us about yourself and what type of character and personality you have?

I love to play and cuddle on mom's lap when she is watching TV.  I like hanging out with my 2 sisters, Kel & Kali, and mom says I have a pawsome purrsonality, quiet and loveable.X 

We are in our second week of the new year.  Did you make any New Year's resolutions this year?  Are you keeping them?

Me?  Do cats make resolutions? X 

Since the last time you were king, has anything eventful happened in your life?

I lost a sister, Sheba who is now in heaven.X 

You live in Detroit, Michigan, so it must be quite cold this time of year.  Where is your favorite place to nap on cold Winter days?

I love nappin on the couch next to mom or in front of the heat.  Mom has a warm robe I lay on, too.X X 

You share your home with two female housemates, Kali and Kelsee.  How do you get along with them?  Do you let them know that boys rule?

I get along with them just pawsomely.  I lay with Kel by the heat or I sleep with Kali on the bed.X 

Your mom helps take care of your neighbors cat, George, and he comes to visit often.  Are you two good friends?

Do I have to answer that?  Friends? not exactly, when he invades my territory I fight with him.

What makes you a special boy?

What would you say is your best feature?

My best feature? My soft velvety coat and my sweet face.X 

What do you like best about being a cat?

If you could be a human for one day, what would you like to do?

If I could be human, I would go to work for mom cause she has aches and she works too hard to support us.X 

Being a cat is pawsome, you get to sleep most of the day, get waited on hand and paw and get all the cuddles and love anyone could ask for.X 

Can you share with us an entertaining story about yourself?

I snuck down the stairs one day when mom opened the door and I got to the front door, mom was down there with the mailman collecting her mail, a car went by and I made a mad dash back upstairs and in the house.

Are you a boy that likes to play with toys?

Do you have a favorite toy, or a favorite game you like to play?

I do like to play with toys. My fave is a green and white one with a very long tail. I carry it around and pounce on it all the time.X 

What do you like to eat?  Is there a favorite treat you like the best?

I eat canned food by 9-Lives or Meow Mix  and sometimes Fancy Feast. My fave treat is Temptations Creamy dairy flavor.X 

What five words best describe you?

Quiet, cuddly, soft, good and playful. X 

Thank you for a very nice interview.  Is there anything else you would like to say to all of us?

Let's give a clapping of the paws to our ever so charming and interesting English royalty...


I will do my best to be a GOOD KING! X 


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