Stop Killing Dogs

The petition to stop the brutal torture of dogs and dog meat consumption in South Korea.
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Over 2 million dogs are brutally killed in South Korea every year.

That’s over 5,000 dogs a day who get strangled, burned, electrocuted or beaten to death for their meat.

The South Korean government has accepted Animal Protection Laws which make animal torture illegal, but those laws have never been properly enforced in the country. The dog meat industry continues to thrive and the officials are reluctant and indifferent to ban it. Oh, sorry, except during the 1988 Seoul Olympics and 2002 FIFA Cup when dog meat restaurants were forced to shut down temporarily in fear of bad impressions of South Korea.

Although forbidden to advertise themselves on main streets or in English, over 6,000 restaurants today serve dog meat in South Korea. And they don’t get closed down.

You can help us change the life of millions of dogs.
International support against dog torture and dog meat consumption is the only way to put pressure on the South Korean government to protect animal rights for real and ban the dog meat industry in all forms. This petition will be presented to the Korean officials in Seoul by the Korea Animal Rights Advocates when at least or more than 1 million signatures have been collected.

This petition is different from any other petition made in support for Korean dogs because of its great scope. People across the world are able to see the “Stop Killing Dogs” page in English, French and in many other languages, and understand that it is not a harmless ancient tradition or anything inevitable.

By signing this petition I support the following:
Animal torture should remain illegal in all forms and in all countries.
The government of South Korea has to ensure that Animal Protection Laws are followed in their country.
Dogs are people’s companions and helpers, not livestock for meat.
Dog farms, raising dogs for food and killing them for meat should be made illegal.
Selling dog meat in restaurants has to be banned.
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This petition has already been signed by 374 878 people.
374 878
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